Miller Votes For Auto Insurance Reform Bill
Friday, May 10, 2019

(LANSING) – State Representative Aaron Miller voted to bring lower auto insurance prices to Michigan residents.

The Sturgis Republican, along with the Michigan House of Representatives, approved a plan to reform Michigan's broken no-fault system. The plan guarantees lower rates for all drivers in Michigan, reducing what is currently the highest average car insurance premium in the nation. The bill also offers personal injury coverage options, fights fraud and abuse, along with addressing medical costs.

Miller says everyone he has talked to wanted to see a change in the State's auto insurance.

Miller says after decades of gridlock Michigan lawmakers are finally giving citizens some rate relief and putting some hard earned money back into their pockets with this legislation. Miller says he can't stress enough how much local economies along with the State as a whole will benefit if this legislation is made into law.

Michigan's auto insurance costs are high largely because it's the only state mandating unlimited lifetime health care coverage through car insurance. The House plan allows those currently using the coverage to keep it, and those who want it in the future to continue buying, while providing more affordable options.

The bill now heads to the Michigan Senate for consideration.