Questions Asked To Hospital Leadership On Reorganizing
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

(STURGIS) – It was a standing room only event at Eastwood School as community members packed the gymnasium Monday night.

A Town Hall Meeting was held to allow for questions to be asked and answered regarding a reorganization plan by Sturgis Hospital that went into effect on Monday. The meeting was hosted by the Sturgis Hospital Michigan Nurses Association nurses, the TPOAM Sturgis Hospital Employees and State Representative Aaron Miller, who served as moderator for the evening.

The Hospital has been looking to partner with another hospital to help with some of the issues they have been having. President and CEO Rob LaBarge says to date, no offers have been made. LINKC.

LaBarge says he is still talking with two organizations about a possible partnership and will be meeting with them again this week to talk more about the possible merger.

Another question asked was why there wasn't public discussions about these possible changes earlier, since Quorum Health Resources said this kind of situation was coming 18 months ago. LaBarge says changes were made. LINKD.

Also speaking last night were Sturgis Hospital employees Kelli Glick, Mike Koch and John Karebian, the Executive Director of the Michigan Nurses Association.