Bird Explains Hospital Sale Agreement

(STURGIS) – Sturgis Hospital operates independently of the City of Sturgis.

That was part of the information shared during Wednesday's Sturgis City Commission meeting.

In November 2009, the City presented ballot language to the citizens that would give the City permission to sell the Hospital to Sturgis Hospital Incorporated, making it into a private, not for profit entity. It was approved with 68 percent of the votes.

City Attorney Roger Bird shares with the audience about the organization that was created to take over the operation of the Hospital. LINKC.

The articles of incorporation were amended in December 2009 according to Bird, that said if Sturgis Hospital Incorporated were to be dissolved, after paying off obligations and creditors, any remaining assets would be paid to the City of Sturgis.

Bird says right now, the City has no authority over Sturgis Hospital. LINKD.

Several members of the Hospital staff spoke to the Commission, asking if they could help with the recent announcement that the Hospital would be closing some departments and the loss of approximately 60 jobs.