Hospital Employees Want Help Finding Answers

(STURGIS) – Several questions are being asked by Sturgis Hospital employees since the announcement of departments closing and workers losing their jobs.

Now, the employees are asking the City of Sturgis for help in getting those answers.

During their meeting Wednesday, the City Commission received a brief history of how Sturgis Hospital went from a city owned facility to a not for profit, private enterprise. Following that, hospital employees were given time to address the Commissioners.

Charlie Persinger, an Emergency Room nurse at Sturgis Hospital, says he like all of the hospital employees want to know why these cuts are being made. LINKC.

Persinger had some stern comments about the current leadership at Sturgis Hospital. LINKD.

Persinger says hospital employees are asking the City Commissioners to take action for the health of the patients and the community. He says the Commission has the grounds and the ability to investigate the Hospital's financial position.