Hospital Employees Ask City Commission For Help

(STURGIS) – Sturgis Hospital employees reached out to the City Commission for help with their situation.

During Wednesday's meeting, City Manager Mike Hughes and City Attorney Roger Bird gave the Commission and audience a brief history of how the City came to sell the Hospital to Sturgis Hospital Incorporated, turning it into a private, not for profit entity. That means the City has no say in how the Hospital operates, unless it should dissolve and not be able to meet it's obligations to pay off it's loans and debt.

Several Sturgis Hospital employees attended the meeting and spoke to the Commission after the presentation. Kelly Glick, an Oncology Clinic RN and President of the Sturgis Hospital Registered Nurses Council, did have some good news to share when she stepped up to the microphone. LINKC.

However, Glick says the hospital employees are still not getting answers to the questions they are asking. LINKD.

Mayor Robert Hile told the audience that the Commission can ask for this information, but they have no authority over the Hospital.