Franzese Shares Story Of Redemption
Thursday, January 20, 2022

(SHIPSHEWANA) – From being a member of a Mafia family to now living for and speaking about how God changed his life.

Sounds like a movie. But for former Columbo crime family caporegime Michael Franzese, it's his life story, and one he shared with an audience Wednesday night at the Michiana Event Center.

Franzese is the son of Sonny Franzese, who was an underboss with the Columbo crime family and was sentenced to a 50 year prison term at the age of 50. Franzese quit medical school and with his father's help, joined the Columbo family as a way to get his father released from prison.

Franzese was very successful at making money for his family and rose to the rank of Captain in a little over two years. But things started to change for him when he met a women who would later become his wife. Franzese, who had been indicted five times and beat each count, said he wanted to leave the Mafia lifestyle.

He devised a plan and plead guilty to crimes and was sentenced. Before being sent to prison, he got married and three months later was incarcerated.

Franzese says it was while he was in federal prison that his life took a different path. LINKC.

Franzese says after a few minutes, he picked up the Bible and his life hasn't been the same. LINKD.

Franzese says as he studied more, he realized he needed God and gave his life to the Lord and never looked back. He now shares his story with others all over the world to let them know that no matter what they've been through or are going through, God is there for them.