Three Rivers Man Involved In Three Vehicle Incident
Tuesday, January 25, 2022

(ELKHART) – A Three Rivers man was involved in a three vehicle accident in just west of Elkhart.

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Office says 49 year old Allen Burch Jr. of Three Rivers was trying to turn west from Zimmerle Road onto County Road 12, around 3:20 Monday morning, but was stopped because he had an unsecure load.

Deputies say a vehicle driven by 58 year old Renee Sickling of Osceola was driving east on County Road 12, and tried to pass Burch, but struck his trailer with the front end of her SUV.

A pick up, driven by 64 year old Chris Schaefer of Osceola, was traveling east on County Road 12, says he didn't see the trailer because of low light, and he also struck the trailer.

Schaefer had facial injuries and was taken to Elkhart General Hospital to be treated.

Burch and Sickling were not injured. Burch was given a ticket for not having his load securely fastened.