City Responds To Storm Impact On Abbott, Storm Sewer System
Friday, June 17, 2022

(STURGIS) – The City of Sturgis has issued a statement regarding the Monday night storms and how they effected the Sturgis Abbott Nutrition plant.

The heavy rainfall on Monday pushed parts of the City’s storm sewer system to capacity for a brief period of time. During the storm, the City received .94 inches of rain in 15 minutes and 1.46 inches in 30 minutes. In addition, there were three 5 minute intervals where the rainfall intensity was over 2 inches per hour.

Sturgis received communication from representatives of Abbott Nutrition that the Sturgis facility flooded during the storm. Based on discussions with Abbott and the best information available, City officials says the flooding at Abbott was due to a combination of the City’s storm sewer system being at capacity in that area, and Abbott's onsite systems being pushed to capacity.

All storm water capacity issues were cleared in a matter of hours as the storm decreased and systems were able to catch up.

Abbott issued a release, saying as a result of this flooding they have stopped production of its EleCare formula to assess damage caused by the storm, along with cleaning and re-sanitizing the plant. This will likely delay production and distribution of new product for a few weeks.

Abbott officials say they have notified the FDA.

Based upon historical demand and current projections, Abbott has ample existing supply of EleCare and most of its specialty and metabolic formulas to meet needs for these products until new product is available. These products are being released to consumers in need in coordination with healthcare professionals.