Ballot Proposals Pass In St. Joseph County
Wednesday, August 3, 2022

(UNDATED) – All six ballot proposals that were presented to the voters of St. Joseph County passed during Tuesday’s Primary Election.

The St. Joseph County Transportation Authority saw their millage renewal proposal pass 6,208 YES votes to 3,511 NO votes. The millage renewal was asking for .33 mills a year for a 4 year period. It’s the same millage amount the CTA has asked for since it started in 2002.

Voters in the White Pigeon School District renewed their sinking fund millage request for a five year period with 581 YES votes to 452 NO votes. The sinking fund renewal asked for 3 mills per year over a five year period, which is the same amount it had asked for the last two times the sinking fund millage was presented and approved.

Residents of Colon Township said yes to a renewal millage proposal for the Colon Township Library. The proposal asked for and received a renewal of .8826 mills for two years, to provide funding for operating, maintaining, and for all other library purposes authorized by law. The renewal passed with 408 YES votes to 172 NO votes.

Village of Constantine residents had three special assessment proposals to vote on, and all three passed. Each was asking if the Village of Constantine shall have the authority to raise money by special assessment. The first proposal was for Village-wide fire protection, which passed 118 YES to 87 NO votes. The second proposal was for Village-wide ambulance services, which was approved 118 YES votes to 86 NO votes. The final proposal was for Village-wide police protection. That passed 119 YES votes to 74 NO votes.