Michigan House Speaker Says No To Election Inquiry
Monday, November 28, 2022

(LANSING) – A request to investigate fraud and misconduct claims connected to the November 8 General Election in Michigan will not be granted.

According to information in The Bridge MI dot com, Michigan House Speaker Jason Wentworth has said No to an effort by Michigan Republicans to investigate the election, after Democrats won control of the Michigan House and the Michigan Senate.

The Detroit News reported that State Representative Steve Carra of Three Rivers asked Wentworth to create a commission and give it subpoena power to investigate the election. Carra was one of many elected officials that supported former President Donald Trump’s claim of a conspiracy theory regarding the 2020 Presidential Election. In January of 2021, Carra and other lawmakers signed and sent a letter to then Vice President Mike Pence to decertify the election results in Michigan and four other states.

There has been no credible claims of fraud in the November 8 election, and there were concessions from Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon along with Republican nominee for Attorney General Matthew DePerno.

Wentworth responded to Carra’s request, calling it a “shameless and half-baked political stunt”, and asking if Carra had any evidence to support the allegations.

In a release, Wentworth says his priorities are to help Republicans move on, run stronger campaigns and retake the majority in the Michigan Legislature in 2024.