Vollmer Selected To Fill Seat On ISD Board
Tuesday, October 22, 2019

(CENTREVILLE) – There's a new face on the St. Joseph County Intermediate School District Board of Education.

During yesterday's meeting the ISD Board interviewed four candidates for the vacant seat, which was created by the death of Mike Bosma earlier this month. Cameron Bullock, Erin Nowak, Terry Cropper and Sarah Vollmer were the individuals selected to be interviewed by the Board. Following the interviews, the Board voted unanimously to appoint Vollmer to the seat.

Each of the four candidates was asked a series of questions by the Board. One of the questions was why do you want to serve on the ISD Board. Vollmer says having worked for an ISD and being a parent of a Great Start student, she has seen both sides and knows they can butt against each other. She is hoping to bridge some of that gap if possible.

The candidates were also asked if they were familiar with the Early Headstart Program; should special education students be integrated into mainstream classes and if they were in support of the upcoming CTE Millage request. All four answered saying they were in favor of Early Headstart, mainstreaming of students and the CTE Millage.

Vollmer accepted the ISD Board's appointment and took her oath of office yesterday. She will finish out Bosma's term, which runs until June 2021. At that time she can run for her own term on the Board.