Howe Fire Department Asks For Major Moves Funds
Thursday, February 13, 2020

(LAGRANGE) - As the price of new firefighting equipment goes up it is putting a squeeze on small volunteer fire departments.

That was part of the message Howe Fire Chief Larry Watson brought to the Major Moves Committee on Monday. LINKC.

Watson came to ask for a grant of $100,000 in Major Moves Funds to go with the money the department has accumulated towards a new truck. LINKD.

Under law, Townships can only borrow money for six years. With the money from their funds and possibly $100,000 from Major Moves, Watson says they would only have to borrow $150,000 for six years.

County Councilman Jeff Brill made a motion to recommend a grant, but that motion died for lack of a second. Fellow councilman Steve McKowen and Commissioner Dennis Kratz preferred a loan from Major Moves rather than a grant, though it’s unclear how the department could repay a Major Moves loan and other borrowing at the same time.

The recommendation goes to the County Council and Commissioners.
It takes 8 out of 10 votes of the combined boards to authorize Major Moves spending.