More Information Released About McDonough
Thursday, September 17, 2020

(THREE RIVERS) – More information has been released on the most recent incident involving St. Joseph County Prosecutor John McDonough.

St. Joseph County District Court officials say that a motion was filed by the Michigan Attorney General's Office, asking the court to find McDonough in violation of a pre-trial bond condition. McDonough turned himself in Monday and was issued a $500 road side bond and then released.

Swick Broadcasting has been able to obtain a report from the Three Rivers Police Department through a Freedom Of Information Act request. The report reveals that McDonough had been purchasing alcohol, despite the bond that was issued in July. Under the conditions of the bond, McDonough is not allowed to purchase, consume or possess intoxicants or controlled substances. McDonough is also not allowed to visit a retailer whose primary business is selling alcohol.

The report says on August 10, Three Rivers Police Chief Tom Bringman asked his department to look into allegations that McDonough was purchasing and drinking alcohol in violation of his bond conditions. Bringman told his officers that District Court Judges Jeff Middleton and Robert Pattison had approached him and asked for the matter to be investigated.

Officers knew that McDonough had been seen at the Hoffman Street Grocery Store in the past. They contacted store owner Eric Bird who stated that McDonough has been cut off from buying alcohol at his business. Bird told officers that his staff had been instructed to not sell alcohol to McDonough. However, video tapes obtained shows McDonough buying alcohol prior to the bond being signed.

On August 3, officers were contacted by a citizen who wanted to remain anonymous, stating they were at the Three Rivers Little Caesars on North Main Street and observed McDonough leaving Northside Beverage with a black bag the size of an alcohol container.

Officers contacted Northside owner Tim Brundige who said McDonough was a regular customer. He said after McDonough had been hospitalized, the sale of Maker's Mark stopped, but after his release, it began again.

On August 20, officers contacted Brundige again who said he had multiple videos of McDonough coming into the store, but only felt that his coming in week days during normal office hours was a violation.

Officers were told that Three Rivers City Manager Joe Bippus had an encounter with McDonough. They questioned Bippus who said on August 7 he came outside and saw McDonough sitting on the ground in his driveway with his wife and son next to him. McDonough was dabbing at a cut on his forehead. Bippus offered to help but McDonough’s wife said her brother was coming.

As Bippus was leaving he noticed McDonough laying on the ground in the driveway. When he returned a short time later, Bippus said there were more vehicles in the driveway with McDonough still on the ground. An ambulance from the Three Rivers Fire Department came to the house.

Bippus says McDonough’s wife told him that John had gone out to get dinner and came home drunk. Bippus stated that he observes some grocery bags sitting outside with what looked like clamshells inside.

Officers contacted Three Rivers Fire Chief Jeff Bloomfield who provided more information on the August 7 incident. He told investigators that McDonough confirmed to the paramedics that he had been drinking. Officers talked to the paramedics who said that the family and McDonough said he had been drinking.