Audience Hears About Hospital Restructuring
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

(STURGIS) – It was a an opportunity for the public to ask questions about changes being made at Sturgis Hospital.

Several hundred community members came out to Eastwood School Monday night for a Town Hall Meeting, put on by the Sturgis Hospital Michigan Nurses Association nurses, the TPOAM Sturgis Hospital Employees and State Representative Aaron Miller, who moderated the event.

After opening statements by Hospital employees Kelli Glick and Mike Koch, Miller started asking questions submitted from the audience to Sturgis Hospital CEO Rob LaBarge. He and members of the Hospital Board were invited to attend.

One of the questions asked was how can LaBarge and the Board justify the closing of the departments and services that were announced last week. LaBarge explains. LINKC.

LaBarge says other hospitals that are similar in size to Sturgis have taken these same steps over the last few years. LINKD.

LaBarge emphasized that the closing of these services and the loss of approximately 60 employees will be implemented over a 30 to 45 day period.