City Commission Gets Update On Sturgis Hospital
Thursday, February 14, 2019

(STURGIS) – The situation at Sturgis Hospital is in dire straights.

That was part of the message delivered to the Sturgis City
Commission Wednesday during a work session. Sturgis Hospital Board of Directors Vice President Joe Haas shared with the Commissioners that the facility has been losing money for the last few years. Steps were taken last Fall to help slow those losses and put the Hospital in a better financial situation, but it hasn't worked.

Haas says the Hospital Board met with other area hospitals and discussed the possibility of partnering with some of them, including one that was very close. LINKC.

Haas says the two entities formed a joint venture called St. Joseph County Health Network to explore this possible partnership. Haas says those talks soon came to an end LIND.

Sturgis Hospital put out they were was looking at a merger with another hospital. Four responded and said they were interested so Sturgis Hospital created a Request For Proposal. Of the four, two responded back they would like to have more discussions.

Haas says those discussions are ongoing. However, he says that a decision needs to be made in the next few weeks, or the Hospital may need to look at closing their doors.

Haas says the Board will keep the City Commission and the community updated on their talks with the other hospitals.