City Commission Approves Med. Marijuana Ordinance
Thursday, March 14, 2019

(STURGIS) – The City of Sturgis has come to an agreement on what to do about medical marijuana provisioning centers.

During Wednesday's meeting the Sturgis City Commission was presented with a second reading of a medical marijuana ordinance. During the December 12, 2018 meeting the Commission asked City Staff to look into several issues related to provisioning centers, including a cap on the number of centers that Sturgis should allow.

Sturgis City Manager Mike Hughes says the City Commission agreed to cap the number of provisioning centers at 3 in the BH1 Commercial District and an unlimited number in the Manufacturing District. Four applications were being processed by the City, 3 in the BH1 District and 1 in Manufacturing.

Hughes says the primary concern of the Commission was to limit the number of provisioning centers in the BH1 commercial district, which this ordinance will now do.