Warren says Big Ten may expand past UCLA and USC
Wednesday, July 27, 2022

(INDIANAPOLIS) - Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said further expansion beyond USC and UCLA is possible, if done for the right reasons, and the league will take a "bold" approach toward major changes in college athletics. USC and UCLA, which are set to join the Big Ten for the 2024 season, will receive full revenue shares from the league immediately, Warren said, unlike the three most recent additions: Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers. The Big Ten is nearing a new media rights agreement, which reportedly will bring in more than $1 billion annually and that Warren hopes to announce "sooner than later." Warren says he gets asked every day what’s next? He says it may include future expansion, but it will be done for the right reasons, at the right time, with the student-athletes' academic and athletic empowerment at the center of any and all decisions that the conference will make. Warren said he examined expansion even while interviewing for the Big Ten commissioner job in 2019, and studied many schools, including USC and UCLA. He recalled learning that Los Angeles had the largest section of Big Ten alumni outside of the Midwest. Warren reiterated his full support for an expanded College Football Playoff and his confidence that a new model would be reached. The Big Ten was one of three leagues, along with the ACC and Pac-12, that voted against a 12-team proposal after months of discussions. Last fall, Warren had advocated for champions of power conferences to receive automatic berths in an expanded system.