Questions About LaGrange Compost Site
Monday, October 21, 2019

(LAGRANGE) - The future of the compost site in LaGrange is in doubt.

The site near the fairgrounds across from Lakeland Intermediate School is heavily used by residents in the Lagrange area who drop their limbs, leaves and grass clippings.

LaGrange County Councilman Harold Gingerich gave the Council an update, saying the site has many problems. One is that it is not monitored. It is also in a low area and there is the issue of possible fires. Being that close to the school is not a good thing.

That mention of the school was not on the list of problems Solid Waste Management District Executive Director Steve Christman discussed with County Commissioners last March. It’s addition makes it sound like the District wants to strengthen its case for closing the current site.

That idea got considerable push-back in March from the County Commissioners and from the Town of LaGrange, which partners with the District to maintain the site and wants to keep it in Lagrange.

County Council President Peter Cook says he thinks the site is being abused by commercial interests. He says he is at the school often and sees commercial vehicles at the site, which it is not meant for.

Gingerich didn’t say if the district has set a date for moving the site.