County Council Discusses Housing Issue
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

(LAGRANGE) - When it comes to housing in LaGrange County, the free market hasn’t cut it.

The County has a shortage of apartments, single family homes and condominiums. Apartment owners keep waiting lists for their buildings. But the private sector hasn’t stepped up to fill the demand.

LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Bill Bradley and Gregg Todd of Farmer’s State Bank went before County Council Monday morning with a proposal to hire a consultant, HPG Network, to conduct an eighteen month strategic housing plan.

Todd says the study would cost $70,000. They are hoping the County could help out with 50 percent of the cost. They would ask the municipalities in the county to help with 30 percent and the remaining 20 percent hopefully from private investors.

Council agreed to fund $35,000 once they determine a source of funding.