Urban Chicken Proposal Takes Another Step Towards Vote
Thursday, February 15, 2024

(STURGIS) – The proposal that would allow chickens in the City of Sturgis has taken another step forward.

During their meeting Wednesday night, the Sturgis City Commission was presented with a proposed ordinance by Community Development Director Will Prichard. He shared a brief history with the Commission on the urban chicken idea and how the proposed ordinance was crafted by the Sturgis Planning Commission which looked at several communities who allowed urban chickens and used their ordinances to craft the proposed ordinance for Sturgis.

Commissioner Marvin Smith, who is in favor of allowing chickens in the City, says the ordinance is to restrictive. LINKC.

Prichard says he wanted the ordinance to clearly state the rules and regulations for those who may want to have chickens and for those who have to enforce the rules. LINKD.

The Commission agreed by consensus to move forward with crafting ballot language for the ordinance. City Manager Andrew Kuk says they will bring back the ballot language at a future meeting, with the hope of having the matter to the voters later this year.